I'm Michael. I prepare personal income tax returns for Canadian students, artists and small business owners.


After passing the CPA exams in 2014, I spent a year working at EY (Ernst & Young), where I gained valuable experience preparing personal tax returns for Canadians. I now run a small personal tax return business based in Toronto, Canada. I love helping individuals and business owners reduce their taxes and making tax season as pain-free as possible!



Tax Preparation

I prepare personal tax returns for Canadians at every income level, including those with self-employment income—freelancers, performers, and business owners. I use the latest CRA-approved software to ensure you receive the maximum refund available.

Lifetime Support

My service doesn’t end when your tax return is filed. I provide year-around support for every return I prepare, and will help you respond to any question the CRA may ask. In the event of an audit, I will provide assistance at no extra cost.

Affordable Rates

I offer affordable solutions for every tax situation. From students and employees with simple returns to investors and small business owners with complex filing requirements, I provide quality tax preparation at an affordable price.


Heard enough? Tell me about your return!


1. Preliminary Discussion

To get the ball rolling, just head on over to the Get Started form and send it off!

I’ll get in touch with you as soon as possible to go over the basics (like how many tax returns you need) and provide you with a preliminary estimate to make sure that I’m the right preparer for you.

Once that’s out of the way, I’ll send over my intake packet (contract + detailed questionnaire), which you can start filling out right away!

2. Information Gathering

Now the fun part!

By completing the questionnaire, you’ll save yourself lots of money in accounting fees. The questions are typically enough to organize your tax information and tell me everything I need to know to complete your return.

If you have any questions as you go, I’m always happy to answer them via email, Skype or phone. If you’re nearby we can grab a coffee and have a chat.

Once I’ve received your completed contract, questionnaire and supporting documents, I’ll confirm my initial estimate and get started with your return!

3. Tax Return Preparation

Now that I have everything I need, I’ll prepare a first draft of your return. I’ll keep track of any questions or tax saving strategies that I notice as I go, and I’ll run them by you at the next stage.

Nearly there!

4. Review & Follow-Up

At this stage, your tax return is almost ready to be filed. Your basic information has been entered, so now it’s time to see if we can save you money (now or in the future) by taking advantage of tax planning opportunities.

I’ll make sure you benefit from every tax credit, deduction, and income-splitting opportunity available to you. I’ll also compare your return to last year’s to make sure nothing was missed. We’ll clear up any remaining issues until you are satisfied that your return is accurate and complete.

5. Approval & Submission!

Now that your return is ready to be filed, I’ll send you my invoice and a T183 form that authorizes me to EFILE your return for you.

Once I’ve received the signed form and payment, I’ll EFILE your return. To wrap up, we’ll arrange a time for me to return your documents and give you a copy of your return, a letter summarizing your results, and your EFILE confirmation.

See? Painless.



Perfect for students, seniors, and employees with straightforward taxes.




For business owners and investors with advanced reporting requirements.




An additional tax return for business owners earning $30,000+ per year.




You know who I am, what I do, and how I do it…now it’s your turn! Tell me about your tax return!


Do you prepare returns for years before 2015?


There are many reasons why new clients may have fallen one or more years behind in their tax filing. I’m happy to help you get up to date so you can minimize interest charges and penalties and receive any tax refund you are owed!

Do you prepare U.S. or other international returns?

No, unfortunately. I prepare Canadian personal tax returns only.

The tax rules in the U.S. and other countries are quite different from the rules in Canada, so I advise you to seek out a tax preparer who specializes in these areas. If you’d like me to recommend a qualified preparer, please let me know!


Questions? Comments? Ask away and I'll be happy to help.

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